Virtual Escape Room
Are you a problem solver? Do you love brain teasers? Then this is the perfect activity for you!
Introducing the JUGS Virtual Escape Room! 

A highly engaging and experiential team event to develop creative problem solving, logic, teamwork and communication skills through a virtual escape room concept.

This challenge presents the opportunity for employees to put their creative problem-solving skills to the test whilst completing a series of cryptic tasks, riddles and puzzles, with the goal of escaping the room – all played through our interactive app. 

Participants will have to unpick evidence, unravel cryptic messages and avoid the curve-balls that will be thrown at them along the way!  Using image recognition and augmented reality technology, teams will have to scan the right objects to unlock tasks, challenges and codes.

Key Facts
Duration Can be set according to your needs
Size Both small and large teams
Location At home!
Benefits Increase productivity, boost employee morale, fun