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Top Tips for your next Live Stream

Earlier this year, the world had to go online. Fitness classes, art workshops, education sessions, product launches, and more, – tu rned into live streamed online events.

A few months in and we’re realising that live streaming isn’t just a good option when you’re in a crisis – it’s also a GREAT PLAN A if you’re looking to increase attendance and reach a wider audience.

One thing we’ve heard you say is that live streaming can be INTIMIDATING:

- there are new tools to find and purchase
- tech can be … complex (to say the least)
- and what if something goes wrong?

Truth is, taking your service or event online is easier than it seems with the right resources and support at hand. Here at JUGS, tech and innovation are a first language for our tech gurus, so they have awesomely put together some tips to get you started:


Choose your platform wisely

Think of audience engagement: are you after interaction or distraction-free?
Consider your event type: do you want to keep it private or go public?
List the tools you need: networking, live chat, screen sharing, polls


Don’t underestimate a good visual

Choose your venue wisely: is a plain wall enough or are you after a branded backdrop?
Find the right space: what will your audience see and is it engaging enough?
Consider upgrading: basic lighting can go a long way for a professional look


Get set up and backed up

Go for good quality: laptops, cameras, microphones – is it all sharp and clear?
Get your soft- and hardware sorted: encoders and capture cards ready?
Make sure your connection is solid: check bandwidth and test internet speed
We can’t stress this enough, have a backup of your gear!


Test, rehearse, then test again

Check yourself out: camera angles, shadows, what is your audience seeing?
Fool proof your audio: minimise room noise, test acoustics, and configure audio settings
Be present when you present: test out your slides and any video clips you’re sharing
The last thing you need is last-minute panic: set a rehearsal at least a day in advance.


Run an experience, not just an event

Don’t keep your audience waiting: starting and ending on time is crucial
Monitor what your audience sees: an extra display to see the show through your audience’s eyes
Let your audience in: live polls, Q&As, on-screen text allow your audience to participate
Never say no to an extra pair of eyes: get help behind the scenes!


Let the pros do the work for you

Doing it yourself is an option but if that’s not the only thing on your plate, we have your back! Our tech gurus will help you determine the kind of image you’re after and ensure your live streaming event is the perfect mix of unforgettable and professional.


Drop us a line, we're here to help: info@jugsmalta.com

Key Facts
Duration any duration
Size any size
Location online
Benefits increased attendance, wider reach