June 21, 2019 The sky’s the limit… our prop masters in action If all the world is a stage, grab your audience’s attention, and set the scene with the right prop.
How? Meet our Prop Masters Edmund & Keith, our very our own 'dnegels' who can deliver any idea you have through their custom design & props. And hey, if you are stuck for ideas….they are happy to use not just their labour working hands but also their visions.

Q&A with our Prop Masters Edmund Camilleri & Keith Demanuele 
1.    School of training? Mac Gyver Academy…just kidding but we would do him proud.
2.    Been in the business for? Over 10 years
3.    Longest time it took you to make a prop? 2 months
4.    Shortest time to make a prop? 30 minutes
5.    Biggest (size wise) prop you ever had to make? You wouldn’t call it a prop but Exhibition stands are definitely the biggest and the most complex to finalise due to the limited time available on the day to set them up. Especially keeping in mind the fact that we will have multiple stands to be setup in 2-3 days. 
6.    Most exciting project you had to work on: A particular Exhibition stand that required a lot of complex carpentry EC. A natural looking climbing wall and the shoe testing …. Going into all the specifics to get it all certified and approved by pour engineer KD
7.    List some props you’ve made – Christmas sleigh, Traditional Royal mail box, outdoor libraries, TV shows Setups, Podiums, Conference backdrops, Natural feel climbing wall, Trekking shoe testing bridge, Artistic drawings for the secret garden event, Space theme setup including Spaceship cockpit and UFO Planets, 10 (1x4m) Jelly fish, Venue entrance enhancement.
8.    Did you ever have to tell a client it’s an impossible task? NO
9.    Once you make the prop does client keep it? Yes, although some clients do not have any space to keep them and thus we will need to dissemble it or dispose of it all.
10.    Do you rent props? We just build them according to the specific requirements and measurements, the guys in the office will take care of the rental ;)
11.    What material do you use? What’s your forte? And/or what materials will you not use..? We have various materials that we use for props, it all depends on what props we are building and for what will that prop be used. We use metal, all kinds of wood, polystyrene, fibreglass, draping, PVC, Glass, Perspex, Silicone, Plaster and anything else we find in our workshop to make it all happen.  
12.    You offer complete works from concept to delivery? Yes the client comes up with a concept, we get our designers on board and then once the client is happy with the 3D renders we go ahead with production. Once all is ready we deliver it and eventually make sure that it is finished to the final detail.
13.    What are your busiest periods? Always busy, it all comes in peaks, like in September October we have a lot of Exhibition requests, in Christmas time and pre summer period is popular with parties and the other months are busy with conference backdrops and stages.
14.    List 5 tools you cant live without … Panel Saw, measuring tape, pencil, cordless drill and Belt sander EC Welding set, Mitre Saw, Pallet knife, Tri Square, Pencil KD
So if you’re looking to stand out, be remembered and entertain people at your next themed event, conference or exhibition, get in touch.