The Secret Garden Experience

This evening event is ideal for a beautiful mid-Summer night`s celebration or corporate Summer party in Malta. This corporate event concept was inspired by the beauty of lit up gardens in the summer but also works well in Winter…. picture this… The Secret Garden experience at Christmas. JUGS Malta is able to transform any garden or outdoor/indoor area into a Magical Secret Garden Experience… all we need to do is add some magical Jugsy pixie dust.

The prop masters at JUGS are the best at their craft and are able to create anything from epic floral arches and flower embellished wooden swings to an ivy maze as a secret entrance into the gardens and a DJ stand on a traditional Maltese fruit and vegetable truck. As you can see from the photos and videos, they are able to cater to every detail, providing guests with a feast for the eyes from the moment they arrive to pockets of surprise and detail in every area of the garden. 

Have a look at the photos/videos of this evening event hereunder & get in touch if you like what you see.

Key Facts
Duration 3 + hours
Size 50 - 200+ pax
Location Outdoor garden/Indoor garden
Benefits All kinds of props to truly bring the secret garden experience to life