A Dickens Christmas Festival Party
Beloved for both his heart-warming and harrowing tales, we bring the 19th-century penned world of Charles Dickens to life in this ultimate magical Christmas party. Actually, more than just a Dickens Christmas themed bash, think of a festival of music, costumed characters, scene set ups and performing arts that even Scrooge couldn’t begrudge….
Here's what to expect :
 As Scrooge welcomes you at the door, guests are immediately transported to the 19th Century, compete with a mix of authentic scenes and characters from Dickens’ most famous tales roaming around you. Just beware the pick pocketers! Then :
  • - Indulge in mulled wine and roasted chestnuts
  • - Listen to live children Christmas carolling
  • - Enjoy the lights and Christmas tree, as well live performances by magicians, balancing acts, jugglers, bag pipers and ‘living windows’ displays in which actors present charming Christmas scenes
  • - Bedazzled by the setup of this Victorian period from little details like hay for that rustic feel, old-fashioned rock deco, outdated carriages, dated oil suppliers 
  • - But above all, don’t miss the Christmas stalls & market complete with live cooking stations
 This unique event will truly make you feel as though you were celebrating Christmas back in this famous author’s age.
Check out the video of the event. Can’t get enough of those Victorian vibes?   Call us now to organise your next event?
Key Facts
Duration 3 + hours
Size 50 - 200 pax
Location Indoor
Benefits Kids Christmas carolling, actors, performers, costumes, Victorian style décor, carriages, wooden stalls, market stalls, live entertainment, props, audio visual effects, food, music, live cooking stations,