Delegates will be put in a situation where they will have to rely on thinking outside the box, adaptability and most of all team skills, to successfully complete a number of tasks given. This will lead to their ultimate `survival` when they are shipwrecked on a deserted beach!

The deserted beach will appear to be from a survivor movie scene, set up with flotsam and debris! The same debris will ultimately be used in order to carry out the team-building activities including the creation of various structures essential for survival. A suitcase containing information, tools and materials required for survival will also be scattered on the beach with the other debris!  
Have a look at the photos/videos of this team-building activity hereunder & get in touch if you like what you see.  
Key Facts
Duration Half day/ full day
Size 20 - 300 pax
Location Any beach around the island.
Benefits Loads of fun; promotes communication; team cohesion & healthy competition.