March 25, 2021 Setting up large-scale online events

Mass gatherings and crazy-big events may seem like a thing of the distant past, but what if we told you there was still a way to bring thousands of people together for an event even now?

We’ve done it and we want to share our secret ingredient with you: use technology to its fullest potential!
How? It’s actually pretty simple...


Video conferencing has come a long way in the past year, and standard online calls just won’t cut it anymore. It’s all about scale. And what’s more impressive than three THOUSAND people on ONE video call?


Let us break it down for you. It took:

- one 12 metre control table [to operate video, audio, lights and stream]
- one 15x4 curved screen rotating 1000 guests [meaning digital audience members could be spotlighted at any time]
- one 12x3 display screen [featuring some impressive digital backgrounds for that extra touch of glam]
- three video calls [running concurrently with 1000 participants each]
- ten computers [for streaming and displays]
- eleven crew members [making sure everything runs smoothly]


This hybrid setup is perfect for all kinds of events. From product launches to award shows, motivational speeches, internal and external company events - the sky’s the limit. Our setup allows you to redefine audience interaction without having to ask anyone to leave the comfort of their own home!

Going green? Here’s a chance to lead by example. This online event will allow you to approach things with an eco-friendly stance. You can reduce the negative impact of air travel on the environment, go digital with all resources that would generally be physical, and cut out on unnecessary waste – without having to eliminate the feeling of grandeur that comes with a physical event.

Plus, why not take full advantage of the online-ness? You can break down the barriers of physical events and have guests and speakers from all walks of life and all over the world in one place, come together.

Give your sponsors and stakeholders the value they’re looking for. Increased accessibility allows anyone to join, no matter where they are. And this increased accessibility also means increased visibility, for you, your guests, your speakers, and your sponsors.


Interested? Drop us a line and let our tech and event gurus handle the rest!

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