August 08, 2019 Our client is AWESOME. Here is why…

Our client Alberta is as awesome as they are talented in keeping us safe.But when I say ‘us’ safe I mean their staff too… They protect and invest in their staff as much as they do in their equipment. Their staff are entertained with biannual Staff Parties, weekly ‘kazinata’ nights and bowling nights. They even organise a health day to raise awareness amongst their team.

Mind if we brag about our combined story and the amazing results, we both achieved?
One fine warm sunny summer day, JUGS had this team rolling in laughter and having heaps of fun while at the same time achieving some amazing goals…
What Alberta did? Took a break from the office to participate in a team building event organised by JUGS Malta. They went for a sports day option with our Whacky Olympics team building day.
Which employees/department participated?  All 250 employees in the Alberta group, including PT Matic and ISTC. 
What did they set out to achieve? Team cohesiveness, spur communication, getting to know people from different departments, improved team inclusion especially with the new foreign members of the team, making everyone feel involved and ultimately individual commitment to a group effort i.e. teamwork
What we did... A Whacky Olympics teambuilding full outdoor day at Golden Bay.  Remember your school sports day? It was one of those days, now just with bigger kids. It’s a cross between classic Olympics games and ‘knock’ your colleague out wearing a huge inflatable ??
We grouped them into teams of 8-10 people. Each team was then required to participate in a selection of games. Our collection of games and races such as the three-legged egg race, the inheritance relay and the pram race together with water games, football and tug of war means there is something for everyone irrespective of their age or ability! We then ended the day with a chilled beach BBQ, …a chance for them to unwind, get back into their ‘safe zone’ and laugh about the days’ events with colleagues, friends, whilst enjoying some tasty food and a cold drink...
The results... Once back at work and after a few over enthusiastic team members may have nursed some sore muscles, and the laughter settled…we asked Alberta to list the outcome and impact this event had on their team. This is what they had to say….
  1. The departments mixed and mingled and got to know each other better
  2. Employees became more familiar with colleagues as it allowed them to engage on a more informal level
  3. We see an improved appreciation of different cultures and different approached
  4. Events such as these boost the teams confidence with each other in an informal setup
  5. Employees feel acknowledged and appreciated

Whacky Olympic Events are as hilarious to watch as they are to take part in … have a look at the photos and videos for yourself…
As with all of our Corporate Events and team-building activities, everything can be specifically designed to suit your budget, number of participants, time and space available.  Drop us a line for more info.

‘Jugs are very creative, organised, and have extremely good coordination. They have a charismatic team who are not only professional, but also friendly and fun to work with. There were many team members on the day of the event and the JUGS team managed a group of more than 250 employees very well. The games were mixed, appealing to different characters and physical abilities - whether active or non-active, everyone could participate in their own way. It was a long day but the Jugs team was hyped throughout and kept everyone in an energetic mood. After the activities we moved to a set-up on the beach with mats, cushions and low tables - the perfect ending to a long day! This was also set up by them and we were very happy with the outcome. We’ll definitely be working with JUGS again due to such a successful result and positive feedback from all our employees.’ Deborah Azzopardi | HR Executive, Alberta Group