Iranian Wedding

Traditions for Iranian weddings go back to the ancient Zoroastrian tradition. Despite the fact that the concepts of marriage have changed drastically in Islamic tradition, the actual ceremonies have remained the same.

Iranian weddings can be divided into two parts: The first part is the "Aghd Ceremony" which is where legal marriage and ceremonial traditions are exchanged and the second one is the wedding reception.
The Sofreh Aghd is decorated with symbolic items which reflect nature, history, culture, poetry and love.
The word “Sofreh” means “spread” and “Aghd” means “ceremony."
Each unique Sofreh should contain the following items:

  • - One Large Mirror (Ayne-ye bakht) To bring light and brightness into the future. Traditionally the couple look into the mirror together.
  • - Two candelabras (Shamdoon). Symbol of energy for the couple.
  • - Termeh. To remind the couple of the importance of God
  • - A tray of seven spices and herbs (Khoncheh). To protect the couple from bad spirits. These includes poppy seeds, tea leaves, angelica, wild rice, salt, nigella seeds and frankincense.
  • - Decorated bread (Naan-e Sangak). These symbolizes prosperity for the feasts and couple’s life together
  • - Decorated eggs (Tokhm-e- morgh). Symbol of fertility for the couple
  • - Almond, walnut, + hazelnut (Badaam –o-gerdoo). Symbol of abundance and fertility.
  • - Seasonal fruits (Miveh). Symbol of good health
  • - Rock candy (Naabat) . Symbol of life’s sweetness
  • - Honey (Asal & Mast). Represent sweetness for the couple’s life.
  • - Two sugar cones (Kalleh Ghand). Couple’s head to shower their life and marriage with sweetness.
  • - Wild Rue (Espand) . Symbol of purification
  • - Sweets and pastries (Shirini). To be shared with the guests after the ceremony to share the sweetness and happiness with everyone.
  • - Sugar cloth (A fine fabric which is held over the couple’s head throughout the ceremony by various happily married female relatives and friends).
  • - The holy book. An open book of Persian poetry or other Holy book depending on faith. The book is usually opened from the middle and placed on the spread in front of the couple as a symbol of faith.

The Jugs wedding planning team are able to put together a traditional Sofreh Aghd Ceremony for your Iranian wedding, whether you prefer it to be indoors or outdoors, modern or traditional, an intimate or a large scale event.
Whether you have grown up dreaming of your fairy tale wedding and have a clear vision of what you want on your ‘big day’ but just do not have the time to get it all together, or whether you have absolutely no clue what would work best or where to start – that’s what we are here for.
The Jugs wedding team is not here to simply plan your Iranian wedding. We want to create an authentic Iranian Wedding experience for you and your guests. From helping you choose your wedding ceremony and reception venue and caterers as well as collaborating with you to finding a design concept unique to you, we want to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. At Jugs we have years of experience throwing some of the best celebrations, parties and themed events on the Island. We are also behind some of the most memorable, elaborate and traditional or themed weddings on the Maltese Islands. 
Our Wedding Services include
  • Unlimited correspondence by email and Skype chats
  • Finding or creating your perfect wedding venue – both ceremony and reception.
  • Assistance for site inspections of all the venues and locations
  • Design concept
  • Styling and decoration (including flowers and rentals)
  • Finding a caterer
  • Finding a photographer/ videographer
  • Finding a DJ/ Band and other entertainment as well as the audio-visual equipment and technicians
  • Finding hair and makeup artists
  • Sourcing of any other items required for the wedding
  • Coordinating all details of the wedding (invitations, menus, place cards, gift table, etc)
  • Coordinating ceremony details (officiant, décor, rehearsal)
  • Finding and coordinating transport and hotel if necessary
  • Detailed schedule of the day
  • Full assistance and coordination on the wedding day, including the coordination at the wedding reception
  • Wedding expenses budgeting report
Key Facts
Duration Day/Night
Size Any
Location Malta/Gozo
Benefits A beautiful ceremony & wedding in Malta or Gozo