July 15, 2019 Conferencing, Europe’s 3rd oldest working theatre We asked Gianni for his tips, on how to put on a show stopping conferenceBLM’s 10 year conference at the Manoel Theatre was quite a ‘show stopper’… we managed to pin Gianni down for a couple of minutes to share some tips on how to throw not just a conference but THE conference…

1.    Think outside the box, choose a special & unique conference setting
BLM celebrated their 10-year anniversary this year and so they asked us to come up with something super special and unique in terms of a conference setting to commemorate this milestone…. We wanted something different, something that made everyone feel special, something simply jaw-droppingly beautiful… something that had never been done before, a total ‘wowzer’…. Yep we were the first to put up a full-blown conference in our own our national theatre and one of the finest theatres in all Europe, Teatru Manuel in Valletta... a venue fit for the very finest! The idea was a sellout

2.    If the venue is not set up for what you want, make it work for you.

The question with this choice of venue was, how where we going to transform a wartime performing arts and theatrical venue to a full-blown conference and AV set up? Manoel theatre is built to entertain its guests, yet it is not your typical expected conference venue ….we lost in some ways though gained in many others. Nevertheless overall, to be honest it was probably amongst the easiest set ups ever, as stage and lighting were already there. The ‘challenge’ was to keep it simple, to accentuate the beauty of the theatre and fit with the theatre atmosphere.
Where we normally tend to turn it up a notch and be quite cutting-edge vis-a-vie technology and layout; this time we went simple and elegant in keeping with the feel and atmosphere of the venue, just a dominant borderless screen and a Persian carpet ☺.

3.    Always remember your goals
Our goal was to create an atmosphere that complemented the setting and provided the audience with an overall experience. We did not set out to change the essence of the historic and majestic venue but to accentuate its beauty and give the audience a feeling of really being treated to something special.

4.    Do you want any extras’ with that? Yes, please

To add to the venue set up, we then ensured the conference ticked all the boxes for a positive delegate experience such as;
  • Clear & good sound
  • Smooth registration process
  • Seamless AV and speaker support to ensure an effective delivery of the presentations. We know that there’s nothing worse to throw a speaker off then AV glitches during a presentation!
  • Loads of networking opportunities
  • Conference ice breaking activities throughout the event to avoid any ants in their pants

'If i may say...Chapeau team Jugs ;)...Gianni

Gianni Zammit is one of the directors at Jugs Malta. The company specialises in producing exclusive, innovative and tailored conferences, events and team-building activities. JUGS also provides audiovisual equipment as well as the technical expertise that go with any sort of event.
Drop us a line on info@jugsmalta.com for more tips on how to put on a show stopping conference.