Let's rock it.............

We wanted a twist to our popular Festa Maltija Themed party event and that’s how HOT ROCKS LIMESTONE FESTIVAL was created - needless to say it was a rocking hit!

 It’s a summer party like no other! Think of the element of rock and use it everywhere & in everything…From:

  • Rock massages
  • Rock music
  • Cooking on rocks
  • Food served on rocks
  • Drinks on rock ( James bond would be proud !)
  • Rock props such as milestone rocks
  • Live acts that included traditional rock carving methods
  • And of course a rocking fireworks show

Simply put we rocked tha party….but that wasn’t enough for us! The event went a notch up and we tied a traditional Maltese themed festival to it. With live actors re-enacting past Maltese Culture from ‘ghonellas’ to stone masonry, old lorries….And what’s a Maltese feast without fireworks? So another epic highlight was the synced firework & music show….

 Check out our video to see what went on and get in touch if you want to throw your own rocking rock party…


Key Facts
Duration 3 + hours
Size 50 - 200+ pax
Location Indoor/outdoor
Benefits Special effect lighting, décor, bar, live entertainment, DJ, dance area, props, audio set up, market stalls, Maltese traditions & customs, fireworks