Graffiti ? O yes please…..
Graffiti isn’t always an illicit activity instead JUGS uses it as an outlet to get teams to rewire their creative mind whilst they bond & build better relationships. 
Just like to gain muscle you need to train, to build creativity you need to exercise and JUGS’ graffiti bus team building exercise does exactly this! On arrival the group is split into teams, they are clothed head to toe in protective wear and are given a blank canvas – the bus – in which they have to come up with a concept always working as a team. The groups choose a team leader, who will collect all the ideas & sketch out the concept, which s/he will then have to communicate & get the team to deliver.
We provide all the tools necessary from paints to cardboard for stencils to allow you to get as creative and free as you want…the end result is always some pretty amazing work…..
The take - aways? Aside from the buzz of painting a bus & accidently painting your friend too 
-              Creative practice is known to reduce stress and problem solving
-              It gives teams chance to bond & build better relationships 
Check out the pics of NETENT’s marketing team..and if you like what you see give us a shout..
Key Facts
Duration Half day/full day
Size 12 – 50 pax (always ask our team for more info on no. of ppl)
Location Around Malta or Gozo
Benefits Team cohesion; creativity; competitive;