Conference Ice Breakers
Conference ice breakers? We've got you covered!
Kick start your conference in the right way; an effective ice breaker will set the tone for your event, boost audience engagement and create the right conditions for a successful conference.
JUGS is now considered to be the one-stop-shop for all your conference needs. Apart from audio visual setups to wow your guests, we are also team building experts - and that is where our ice breakers come in.
'Change your Rhythm' and 'Boom Whackers' are two of our musical ice breakers, perfect for conferences, or any large group. Led by some of the best names in the music industry in Malta, the audience will get the chance to become the orchestra. Every person will be given their own 'instrument' and taught how to play it. The end result? We'll let you hear that for yourselves.
Key Facts
Duration 30 minutes
Size 40-200
Location Any location
Benefits Sparks creativity; Mood booster; Funny; Memorable; Gets audience engaged, connect with music