February 21, 2020 Mission Accomplished! How JUGS added the extra ‘wow’ factor to the IFR Championship Cup

IFR Championship Cup 2019….what an event! We’re still suffering from lactic acid and sore muscles!! Just kidding :) this sort of thing is our game and what JUGS is trained to do! 

(IFR Champions Cup in case you’ve missed out - is more than just a football tournament. This annual event now in its 3rd year, is packed with business development and a whole exciting IFR Village. In a nutshell, it’s a whole lotta fun all for a great cause - in just two years it has raised €22,000 for charity.)

 A massive round of applause definitely goes to all the participants and the masterminds behind the IFR Championship Cup  - Nikola, Andrew, Nora and Yiannis, as they too deserve a medal for putting this FUNtastic sporting event together to raise funds for a great cause….

The task given to us by our friends  here was simple…give the event that WOW factor and entertain the IFR participants and guests…..At the end of the day we know that when the audience leaves an event on ‘a high’, with a certain ‘buzz factor’, that is where results are achieved, whether leaving a lasting impression, spurring on word of mouth or fuelling motivation.

And when it comes to sports there is no doubt on the woos and ahhs it brings with it. Whether you are on the field or watching it, sports, has a way of leaving lasting memories on us and "did you see that..." moments.

In this vein, we retrace the fun and challenging games, fierce competition and team spirit that went down last September as we explore the 4 most important highlights of IFR as voted by the JUGS office….

Let's start from the top…with what JUGS did at IFR 2019!

1. A bespoke conference in an unusual setting

It was fun, mad, crazy yet our creative juices were following in order to transform a not so typical conference venue  - a car showroom - to an opening ceremony event fit for a panel of speakers and a number of guests. The checklist included backdrop, stages, screens, comfort monitors, audio, lighting.... and then of course an after party….And all to complete within a 24 hour time frame!
2. The knock your socks off party

This is one of the best parts of our jobs; getting a crowd to network and have fun. And if a glass of Prosecco is known to get the party started than what would a whole wall of Prosecco do? This Prosecco wall is a perfect example of what we like to call propping it right….Of course we included the usual party works from live entertainment and violinists in sync with a live DJ to state a few, but what we really really love are the suprises with unique props like these.  And like everything else there are party props and party props…. 

 3.  Adrenalin pumping & yeeehaaa team building and family activities

Time flies when you’re testing your strength and balance and trying your best to remain the last one standing as you battle out your contestant on our gladiator inflatable joust! Or how about testing your aim with our giant dart board? While the football tournament took place, we had a whole lotta inflatable fun set up; from a Human Table Soccer, Gladiator ring, Soccer Dart, 8m Climbing wall, Giant Connect 4, Draughts Table, Table Tennis....The aim : ensuring buzz endorphins could be felt from whichever side you were on - participating and spectating.

 …May we add that all this was set up in the only blistering rainy & windy week of summer :)…. Yet we did it

4. The ultimate chill out experience

Hey! Not all of us are Ronaldo’s that can run for hours without experiencing a near heart attack! What puts this event above others is the extras it provides, such as a chill out area! Instead of the usual tables, chairs and a bar; think of plants, sofas, bean bags and virtual reality games to ensure the ultimate way to wind down, wonder off and forget your pains and troubles……..

What to expect from JUGS for IFR Championship Cup 2020

IFR is as much as it is about team bonding as it is about getting the family out all for a good cause. Our job simply put is to create a programme designed to deliver the best entertainment activities and events to suit all IFR guests of all age groups and capabilities. The challenge we are happy to accept each year, is to exceed expectations towards creating this successful and safe event year in year out. Which apart from a few hat tricks ultimately boils down to careful planning and organisational skills.

See you at IFR Championship Cup 2020..or if you want to experience something similar why not organise your own sporting event, have you heard about our Whacky Olimpics? Otherwise for more info drop an email to our team on info@jugsmalta.com